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Heating Cable Freeze Protection Systems

Heat-Line is a Canadian owned and operated company that specializes in developing and manufacturing the most advanced heating cable and water pipe freeze protection systems using conductive polymer self-regulating technology. Heat-Line offers numerous products for heating cable applications including cottages, cabins, resorts, farms, mines, trailer parks, transportation vehicles, emergency service vehicles, pumper trucks, recreational vehicles, and off-grid (solar/wind).

We provide safe and economical freeze protection systems and heating cable that are used in every region of Canada and the northern United States. Heat-Line's extensive line of innovative freeze protect products also offers a reliable no-freeze solution in areas of extreme cold like Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. Dependable products that work no matter what the weather, like ArcticVent - designed to protect plumbing vent stacks from freezing, keeping vents open in temperatures below -50 degrees F.

All Heat-line heating cable products are CSA certified to Canadian & USA standards with appropriate field terminations factory installed. We are the only company to offer low voltage self regulating heating cable systems in both 12 volt and 24 volt applications for the transportation sector. Our products are used extensively in a variety of transportation applications for railway and mass transit, trucks and transport tankers, fire department trucks and pumps, RVs and motor homes, just to name a few.

Simply put, electric heat tracing is a system employed to keep pipes from freezing. Heat tracing works to preserve the temperature, increase the temperature or compensate for heat losses in pipes or containers like water tanks. The heat generated by the heating cable maintains a temperature to prevent freezing. Typically, trace heating involves an electrical heating cable that is placed along a pipe. To stop heat lost and retain the heat line system's temperature, thermal insulation is used. Heating cables, or trace heating systems offer a variety of freeze protection applications.

Heat-Line is an advanced company that views frozen water pipe problems as opportunities and is always ready to embrace the challenge to develop or customize products. It is the mandate of Heat-Line that the purchase of a product is where the support begins - not where it ends! Our freeze protect experts are just a phone call or email away. At Heat-Line, necessity quite often is the mother of invention. Some of our most successful and innovative products have been developed and/or adapted to solve specialized freezing problems and work in particularly troubling and unusual applications. By turning to us to solve their own unique freeze protect problems; our customers have helped to make Heat-Line the fast growing Canadian manufacturing company that it is today.

Heat-Line specializes in all types of freeze protection including municipal and rural water pipes, roof and gutter, and plumbing vents. As you review the Heat-Line product group, you will see the unique style and engineering that is employed in every design. As you will see, Heat-Line offers a wide variety of innovative heating cable and freeze protection solutions. We have the right specialty freeze defense product, specifically developed to safeguard anything that is vulnerable to freezing. There is a Heat-Line product to protect your home, cottage, business, motor home, pumper truck or any other valuable equipment from the effects of freezing in sub zero environments.

All Heat-Line products are self-regulating, a far superior technology that is safer, more efficient, and much less costly to operate. For the first time, unlike other heating cable systems, Heat-Line self-regulating products allow the use of thermal pipe insulation. Insulation dramatically reduces the amount of energy required. Prior to Heat-Line and self-regulating heating cable technology, heat traced water pipe would never have been insulated because of the risk of over-heating and causing a fire. Self-regulating heating cables automatically adjust heat output so there is never any worry about under heating or overheating. Heat is applied only where and when it is needed, further reducing energy costs.

Our heating cables save both time and money. Unlike other heating cable systems, as a Heat-line self-regulating heating cable warms, its core microscopically expands, reducing power output and minimizing operating costs. Heat is efficiently supplied only where and when it is needed. And, unlike constant wattage heating systems, with Heat-line heat cables, variables such as voltage fluctuations, heat sinks and ambient temperature changes are automatically compensated for. Further savings in time and money are realized in reducing costly maintenance and repair bills due to the elimination of hotspots and burn outs.

Not only do Heat-line products provide a cost efficient freeze protect solution, our energy efficient heating cable systems are eco-friendly as well. Since Heat-line's self-regulating technology delivers heat only when required to maintain water from freezing at any given time, energy is never wasted. Depending on the product selected, Heat-Line products can use as little as 0.5 watts per foot or as much as 9 watts per foot in harsher climates. Energy efficient thermal pipe insulation further reduces energy consumption. Persevering energy not only saves money, but is environmentally responsible.

There are also many smart heating cable freeze proofing situations and custom applications that Heat-Line can solve that you may not have considered before. For example, they are now building threshold heaters for the transportation industry and they have created a low voltage heater for a specialized diesel engine application that in combination with a hydrogen injection technology reduces fuel consumption while reducing emissions by up to 40%. On farms, a common problem is livestock water sources that freeze up during the cold winter months. Heat-Line provides pipe, bowl and trough heating systems for this agricultural application. They have freeze protection systems for mobile firefighting valve and pump equipment that allow fire services to carry on with confidence even in the coldest weather situations. Recently they started supplying pipe freeze protection for www.powerloo.com outdoor pet waste disposal systems. Or how about commercial freezer door and walk in freezer perimeter anti icing cable systems. The applications and uses for reliable freeze protection is almost endless. Gone are the days when users were at the mercy of failure prone cheap hardware store heat tapes. Heat-Line pipe freeze protection is self-regulating, energy efficient, safe and reliable.

Along with cost-effective operation, Heat-Line products offer maintenance reliability as well. All Heat-Line heating cables are specially blended combinations of polymer and conductive carbon that create electrical paths between parallel buss wires at every point along their circuit. The heater core contracts microscopically, as the surrounding ambient temperature cools. Resistance decreases and power output increases as the result of this contraction. The reduced power output minimizes operating energy costs and eliminates maintenance costs due to hotspots, or burnout's. Heat is supplied safely and efficiently only when and where needed.

Roof and gutter de-icing is a serious problem for commercial building, factories, schools, farms, apartment buildings and homes in Canada. Dangerous icicles and ice dams can cause extensive damage to roofs and gutter systems, resulting in costly repairs. Paladin, our award winning cable that employs self-regulating heating cable technology, can be used for roof and gutter de-icing. This roof protection product can be used in conjunction with EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings or in the conventional serpentine configuration using roof clips. The system de-ices gutters and roofs, allowing gutters, drainpipes and downspouts to do their job maintaining drain paths for water.

Paladin, an award winning cable that employs the superior performance and operating characteristics of Heat-Line self-regulating heating cable technology, provides exceptional ice freeze protection for roofs. To avoid the many serious problems and damage caused when roof ice is allowed to form; Paladin can eliminate roof edge ice build-up, eave icing, icicles and ice dams. The most effective ice protection system that is both reliable and energy-efficient, Paladin can be installed on cottage roofs, home roofs, resort roofs and farm roofs, or any other structure that requires roof ice prevention, roof de-icing and gutter de-icing. For increased energy efficiency, snow sensors, thermostats, timers or other approved devices can be added to the system. Paladin can be used in conjunction with EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings or in the conventional serpentine configuration using roof clips. As well, for applications where the Paladin system may not be suitable, installations may be customized using Heat-Line Cut-to-Length heating cables.

EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings are designed to prevent ice build-up, icicles, or ice dams on the roof edge and are used in conjunction with Paladin for Roof freeze protection heating cable systems. EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings are installed under the leading roof edge using screws, nails, or adhesives. Each 4 foot aluminum flashing is feathered and has a channel to accommodate the Paladin self-regulating heating cable. EDGE-CUTTER can be used on a wide variety of roofing products, including asphalt shingles, aluminum, steel and slate. This product is suitable for both residential roof ice control and industrial /commercial roof ice protection.

CARAPACE is a high performance, professional product designed to provide energy efficient municipal water pipe freeze protection and domestic water pipe freeze protection. It offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to blasting and excavation and is the only product Heat-Line recommends for use with constant pressure water supply systems. In rural Canada, where the frost line is deep, rocky terrain can make water pipe deep excavation difficult and expensive. With CARAPACE, there is no need to excavate below the frost line or blast rock, saving time and money. CARAPACE provides superior thermal heat transfer and unsurpassed energy efficiency when combined with thermal insulation and a thermostat. Currently providing efficient freeze protection in the Canadian Arctic and other harsh environments, the system has also gained wide recognition in Canada's mining and exploration industry.

Looking for a low voltage heat protection solution? Heat-Line's Kompensator is a self-regulating heater that is available in 12 volts or 24 volts. Available up to 100 feet in length, the Kompensator draws only 3 or 5 watts per foot at 50°F. The Kompensator, a low voltage heater that is compatible with battery use, can be customized and can be designed specifically to suit a customer's individual requirements. Kompensator can be used to freeze protect water supply pipes and other metallic and non-metallic pipes. Kompensator is used in the transportation industry, mining industry and off-grid applications.

Widely used in Canada and throughout the circumpolar regions of the world, ArcticVent is the only CSA approved solution for plumbing vent stacks freeze protect against extreme cold temperatures. Prolonged cold temperatures result in plumbing stacks to ice up and form a blockage as warm moist air rises, condenses and freezes. ArcticVent eliminates this ice blockage where it exits the roof of a building. ArcticVent can be used under continuous power for freeze maintenance or powered when required to thaw a frozen plumbing stack. No other product combines the features ArcticVent or offers same exceptional reliability. It is the most energy efficient system freeze protect on the market. Currently ArcticVent is at work, offering vital plumbing vent freeze protection at the top of the world at the Eureka Nunavut Weather Station, the closest weather station to the North Pole. Located on Ellesmere Island, winter temperatures at the weather station can dip below -55° F (-48° C).

At Heat-Line, one innovative product leads to another. Two winning Heat-Line products that combine to make freeze protection of existing waterlines easy are Retro-Line and Reel-Line. These original products are another example of Heat-Line seeing a need and then finding a solution. Heat-Line introduced Retro-Line, a product that freeze protects existing (CSA 75 PSI or CSA 100 PSI) polyethylene water supply lines without having to remove them. An internal heat tracing system, Retro-Line can be used in a variety of water supply pipe applications including, residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural. To improve energy efficiency, additional insulation and an optional thermostat may also be installed. Designed to work with Retro-Line, Retro-Reel was developed so that Retro-Line could be installed easily. This remarkable dispensing system makes installing Retro-Line an absolute breeze, while also providing protection to the heat tracing system from mechanical damage during installation.

If you have a unique application of any kind, call and speak to the Heat-Line Technical Support Team to personalize a system for your own unique requirements. We are dedicated to offering our clients the most effective pipe and waterline protection, product satisfaction and service excellence. Our committed to ongoing research, constantly striving to improve freeze protection systems and heat line efficiencies and to develop new heating cable products, puts our Canadian Heat tracing cable manufacturing company at the forefront of freeze protection technology. We are proud that Heat-Line's heat cable systems play a role in making people's lives a little easier with reliable freeze protection, especially in the most severe cold climates.

If you have not been able to find a viable solution that will protect your valuable equipment, water pipes or water systems from freezing in sub zero temperatures, we invite you to call us to discuss how Heat-line may be able to help with a customized freeze protect system. Some of our best products have been developed through working with our clients on personalized solutions to freezing. The Arthur Heater Kompensator is just one example of an effective freeze-protect product that Heat-lines' technicians developed after a customer telephoned with a problem that needed an innovative solution to keep his fire department's equipment from freezing in sub zero temperatures.

The Arthur Heater Kompensator is a low voltage, high performance freeze protection system for fire trucks and portable pumps. Named after Fire Chief Blair Arthur who contacted Heat-line with a request for a product that would keep his fire department's water tanks and pumpers from freezing, the Arthur Heater Kompensator employs conductive polymer core technology to reliably keep discharge valves heated, insulated and protected from freezing. The Kompensator applies only the required energy from the vehicle's electrical system to minimizing loads. This innovative product is now used by fire departments throughout North America.

At Heat-Line, as manufacturers and distributors of quality freeze protection systems, we are committed to maintaining the best possible relationship between tradespersons and the end users of our products. We firmly believe that an equitable business exchange and complimentary service lead to fair profits and satisfied customers. We invite all professional trades persons to become part of a superior way of doing business.

For people who live in climates where the temperature can drop below freezing for extended periods of time, dealing with frozen water pipes can be aggravating, time consuming and expensive. Everyone knows that when temperatures dip below freezing, water freezes. Water will freeze in unprotected water pipes just as quickly. Frozen water pipes are most commonly found in exterior walls and where the pipes enter the home or building at the ground level. When you first become aware that you have a frozen pipe, turn the water faucets open to help melt the ice that has built up. This will help to defrost bits and chunks of ice inside the pipe. Never use an open flame to thaw a frozen water pipe. You can safely use a hair dryer or an electrical space heater to blow hot air at the pipe. Also, an electric heating pad or blanket can be wrapped around the frozen pipe to speed thawing. If you don't have access to the frozen pipe, you either have to wait for the pipe to thaw on its own or call a plumber. If freezing has damaged the water pipe, you will be calling a plumber regardless. Of course you could avoid all this trouble by properly protecting your water pipes from sub-zero temperatures with Heat-Line so that pipe freeze-up is virtually eliminated.

While burst pipes are usually covered under standard homeowner's insurance policies, no one wants to deal with the inconvenience and the mess caused by a broken water pipe or a frozen sewage line. According to ISO, water damage and freezing accounted for approximately 22 percent of all homeowner's insurance claims in 2007. ISO also reports that the average claim for water damage and freezing nationwide was $5,531 from 2003 to 2007. With a little preparation and common sense, homeowners can reduce the likelihood of a frozen pipe or destructive roof ice build-up from ever occurring. First and foremost, the installation of the very best freeze protect systems; Heat-line products, should be a priority for homes, farms and businesses in Canada, or anyplace where the temperature dips below freezing. Maintaining an alternative heat source will insurance that, should the primary heat source fail, there will still be some heat in the building. Adding extra insulation to basements, crawl spaces and attics will stop heat from escaping and prevent outside snow and ice from thawing and refreeze causing roof ice damage. A routine check of pipes for cracks is another way that you can prevent damage from a broken water pipe.

During cold snaps that bring deep freeze temperatures or periods of extended winter power-outages, there is always a serious risk of frozen water pipes, unless you have taken the right precautions. When the water inside a pipe freezes, it expands, exerting over 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. The pressure exerted by the ice forming in the pipe will cause it to rupture. A burst frozen pipe can spill many hundreds of litres of water per hour and cause considerable damage that could cost thousands of dollars to repair. To prevent frozen pipes, protect the pipes that are most susceptible to freezing. Insulate pipes in crawl spaces or inside outside walls. To protect vulnerable outdoor systems and waterlines, such as buried or unburied water pipes and septic systems, install heat trace cables. You can also protect your property from frozen pipe damage caused by hydro outages by installing a generator that will keep power to heat lines so that they can do their job.

For our customers' convenience, Heat- Line offers a selection of accessories to complement and enhance the operating capabilities of Heat-Line's many quality freeze protection systems utilizing our exclusive superior self-regulating heating cable technology. Customers, contractors, builders and engineers can order accessory freeze protect products directly from Heat-Line. We carry accessories such as thermostats, insulation, ground fault electrical protection devices (GFEPD), a wide range of Philmac® compression style fittings, roof clips, cable guards, foot value stands, submersible pump stand kits, and pump and pressure system packages. Use Heat-Line's freeze protection system accessories to further improve the performance of al Heat-Line's freeze protection systems and to optimize energy efficiency.

For the home and cottage, and for countless commercial applications where freezing temperature can cause serious damage to expensive equipment, in places like factories, farms, mines, trailer parks, recreational and transportation vehicles. Customers rely on Heat-Line's exceptional freeze protection systems to keep pipes from freezing without fail. Widely used throughout Canada and the northern States, our line of self-regulating heat trace cable systems with conductive polymer have also proven to be reliable in keeping pipes from freezing in some of the coldest places on the planet, like the Arctic and Antarctica, where ArcticVent, CARAPACE and Paladin/EXT5R are working well in temperatures averaging minus 34 degrees Celsius.

At Heat-line we are proud that our customers can count on Heat-line products to perform above expectations. We have the most extensive line of advanced freeze protection products that provide the most reliable freeze protection in Canada, the United States and around the world. Since 1988, Heat-line has been dedicated to producing superior freeze protection systems, using self-regulating technology, ground-breaking designs and quality materials. We are continually coming up with exciting new ideas and developing new applications that utilize our unique self-regulating heating cable technology. We are always working to improve our products and strive to keep up with the latest scientific advances in order to remain the industry leader in freeze protect solutions.

Delivering exceptional customer service is one of our top priorities at Heat-Line. From start to finish, our friendly and knowledgeable personnel deliver quality customer service, that begins with your initial inquiry and continues, from helping you select the right freeze protection system for your particular application to product installation, future maintenance, and any questions or concerns that you have along the way. During office hours, all phone calls are answered by experienced staff that can answer your questions, or direct your call to a Heat-Line technician for more detailed information about our many energy efficient freeze protection products and services.

Heat-Line provides several different purchase options to buy our state of the art freeze protection products. Customers may place their orders by phone; calling us directly on our toll free line. One of our experienced representatives will take your order and answer any questions you may have. Heat-Line accepts payment by Visa and MasterCard. Alternatively, we would be happy to take your order by email at info@heatline.com or by FAX. Just send us a message, providing your name, mailing address, and the Heat-Line product(s) you wish to order. Be certain to include your phone number so we can call you to confirm details, pricing, and obtain your credit card number. Customers may also place their orders by mail, if they have previously confirmed pricing with us via a quote or order confirmation. Payment may be made by cheque, money order or by Visa or MasterCard. Heat-Line also invites government agencies and companies to submit Purchase Orders, by email, FAX or mail. Accounts maybe set up at our discretion.

Once we have received your order, your Heat-Line freeze protection system will be shipped to you as soon as possible. We always maintain sufficient product inventory so that stocked items are usually shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Products that are non-stock items, like custom units, generally ship within 3 days and, expect large quantity and bulk orders to arrive within the week. During our peak season, from September through December, shipping times may increase due to high volume. You will, however, be quoted a firm time that you can expect to receive delivery. From our Haliburton headquarters, we ship all Heat-Line products FOB. We use only reputable freight carriers, like Purolator and FedEx, who offer the best rates and most reliable service. We do not add any additional handling charges to your Heat-Line order.

All Heat-line products are manufactured under our own strict quality control guidelines because product excellence is important to us. From the beginning, our foremost priority has always been to produce freeze protect products of the utmost quality, safety and reliability. Every Heat-Line heating cable product is approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for approvals in both Canada and the United States. Heat-Line's freeze protection systems, unlike most heating cable products, will not overheat because our exclusive self regulating technology controls the amount of heat required. Not only does this insure that water never freezes, it prevents dangerous overheated cables and pipe. With this safety feature, pipes can be insulated without fear of overheating, reducing heating costs.

Over the years, Heat-Line's innovative inventions have been recognized throughout the industry and have received many awards for our ground-breaking freeze-protect products. We proudly accepted the Canadian Hardware and Housewares Manufacturers Association (CHHMA) award for "Best New Canadian Product" for our Paladin heating cable and EDGE-CUTTER channel flashings. As well, the Canadian Hardware Retailers Association (CHRA) presented Heat-line with the Innovative New Product Award for our Paladin and EDGE-CUTTER advanced water pipe freeze protection system. Lorne Heise, inventor and President of Heat-Line was honoured to be nominated by the prestigious E.C. Manning Awards Foundation for ArcticVent, a device which prevents roof vents from freezing in the coldest climates.

At Heat-Line, our family of reliable freeze protection products is the best in the industry.

We offer pipe freeze protection solutions that are efficient, effective and environmentally friendly. Unlike other systems, the technology behind Heat-Line's exclusive self-regulating heating cable systems, uniquely allows the use of thermal pipe insulation, setting the standard for excellence in water system freeze protection. Our self-regulating cable technology reduces energy consumption by automatically adjusting the temperature of cables heat output. Achieve even greater energy savings and further reduce your energy consumption by adding an accessory thermostat to your Heat-line self-regulating heating cable system. The addition of a thermostat is not required for your Heat-line system to work extremely well because the product has been designed to be self-regulating and to never over heat. However, to optimize energy savings, a thermostat can be added to your heating cable system to duty cycle the product on and off, maintaining a firm pipe temperature. Thermostats may be used in conjunction with heating cables of any length, but are strongly recommended for cables 80 feet in length or longer.

With all Heat-Line self-regulating freeze protection systems, the use of a thermostat is optional. Heat-Line offers two cCSAus approved thermostats - the HLJ-Stat and the HTLN. A 120 volt plug in device, the HLJ-Stat requires no field wiring. The HLJ-Stat comes complete with an 18 foot sensor lead and is pre-set to maintain the Heat-Line system at 50°F / 10°C. Available as a 120 volt or 240 volt product, the HTLN thermostat comes with a 25' sensor lead (a 100' sensor is available). HTLN requires installation by a qualified professional and can be set based on specific freeze protection requirements. Heat-Line thermostats are designed to duty cycle the heating system in an ON/OFF operation. Depending on application, thermostats and insulation can boost performance and optimize energy efficiency by as much as 80 percent.

For the transportation industry, including transport trucks, transport tanks, pumper trucks and hydraulic oil tanks, and for any other type of vehicle or off-grid application that needs protection from freezing, including recreational vehicles and mobile homes, Heat-Line offers the best in self-regulating heating cables that are reliable and energy?efficient. Compatible with alternator systems used in transportation vehicles, Heat-Line's 12 volt and 24 volt Kompensator systems are self regulating heating cables that can be directly connected without the use of inverters. The low voltage, effective cables can be custom designed to fit many application.

At Heat-Line, we never stop looking for ways that we can apply our state of the art self-regulating technology to new products and new applications. Along with the development of our own products, we also work with individuals and organizations to develop custom freeze protection solutions. Whether a client needs a safe and reliable resolution to a unique freezing problem or wants to improve the efficiency of an existing product, our technical specialists look outside the box in order to develop the ideal freeze-protect solution for each new application. With over 100,000 custom engineered solutions in the field, we know a thing or two about custom freeze protection systems.

Heat-Line also offers OEM R&D services for manufacturers seeking custom freeze protection solutions and completed subassemblies to augment their products or to solve specific challenges. Our services include design reviews, manufacturing services, medium to large volume production, forecast and JIT production scheduling, supply chain management, custom packaging and custom brand labeling. Client confidentiality is assured and we offer non disclosure agreements for initial discussions and engineering. Heat-Line is an industry leader, with over 21 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative freeze protection solutions for the commercially.

For those in rural areas where power service is not available or where power is intermittent and unreliable, or if you have chosen to live entirely off the grid, Heat-Line has the answer to your problem of how to keep your pipes from freezing and maintain a reliable flow of water for taps and toilets. Heat-Line's Kompensator, self-regulating heating cables will do the job virtually anywhere that 120 volt power is not available. Designed to work with modern off-grid power centres like solar or wind, Kompensator systems are 12 volt and 24 volt heating cables that provide freeze protection for water supply pipes, including metallic and non-metallic pipes. Whether you are plagued by constant power outages and require the use of a supplemental power source to keep your home or cottage running, or you have made the commitment to do your part to save the environment by living entirely off-grid, Kompensator will work with your system to keep your pipes from freezing. Kompensator heating cable systems are for use off the grid, and for many other applications, including oil lines, hydraulic hoses, transportation vehicles, recreational vehicles, condensation freeze protection, and pumps. Compensator is generally custom manufactured to suit each individual job or requirement.

Heat-Line's ever expanding product line of freeze protection solutions, including Heat-Line, Retro-Line, Carapace, Komensator, Paladin for pipes, Paladin for roofs, Edge-Cutter, Arctic Vent, EXT5R, EXT3T, pump packages, thermostats and accessories are engineered to the highest standards and are built to last. So are all of the accessory products that we sell, including Philmac fittings, ground fault electrical protection devices, roof clips, cable guards, foot valve stands, submersible pump stands, and our pump and pressure system packages.

At Heat-Line we are confident in the integrity of all the freeze protection products that we sell. We provide a five year limited warranty on all manufactured 120 volt and 240 volt heating cable systems. We also offer a one year limited warranty on all 12 volt and 24 volt systems. Every 120 volt and 240 volt heating cable product manufactured by Heat-Line is cCSAus approved. Additionally, CARAPACE also carries cNSFus and CSA B137.1 approvals for municipal potable water applications

Heat-Line has been in the Canadian freeze protection business for years. Since 1988, Heat-Line has been developing and manufacturing quality, state of the art new products and providing unsurpassed application assistance in the freeze protection industry. As an industry leader, we deliver excellent service and customer support. We are always there, before, during and after the sale, to answer any questions our customers may have regarding their Heat-Line system. Heat-Line's safe and cost-effective freeze protection systems can be found throughout Canada and the northern states, keeping pipes and valuable equipment from freezing. Our vast line of ground-breaking freeze protect products provide a dependable no-freeze solution in areas of extreme cold, even in the Canadian Arctic and Alaska. Reliable products that perform regardless of severe weather conditions, Heat-Line products are built to protect from freezing in the coldest temperatures water pipes, plumbing vent stacks, roof and gutters, pumper tanks, livestock water troughs, outdoor machinery, and so much more.

Frost-Line, by Heat-Line, is a freeze protection system that is specifically designed to keep water from freezing as it flows to livestock waterers. It is used in water pipe risers that extend from below the frost line and into water troughs, livestock drinking bowl housings and all other types of livestock waterers. It comes complete with an external heating cable extension to protect plumbing externally within the housing. Frost-Line solves the problem of maintaining a reliable year-round water supply to all types of livestock waterers, including livestock drinking bowls, cattle fountains, watering troughs, automatic waterers and more.

As an advanced freeze protected water supply system for livestock drinking bowls and watering equipment, Frost-Line is the ideal solution for dairy farmers, cattlemen, hog producers, feedlot operators, or any other business that depends on having a reliable water source for livestock in cold weather. One of many innovative Heat-Line freeze protection products made in Canada, Frost-Line was designed to be used with water bowls, troughs and foundations made by the top manufacturers of livestock watering products, such as Ritchie and Nelson.

Safe and energy efficient, all Heat-Line heating cables are made from a custom blended permutation of polymer and conductive carbon which generates electrical paths between parallel buss wires at every point along their circuit. As the surrounding ambient temperature of the water or air cools, the heater core contracts microscopically. This contraction reduces resistance and amplifies power output. The resulting increase in power output produces more heat, compensating for installation variables. Heat is supplied only where and when it is needed, reducing energy consumption.

In North America, diesel exhaust fluid is used in large trucks to reduce emission. Unfortunately theses lines are prone to freezing. This presents a serious problem in sub- zero temperatures. Kompensator by Heat-Line offers a reliable solution to diesel exhaust freezing in trucks, even in minus 40 degree temperatures. The addition of Kompensator heating cables on fully insulated fluid hoses and pipes will prevent freezing. These low voltage, self-regulating cables can be used in countless applications to prevent freeze- up, protecting waterlines, pumper truck values, fire engine values, and all types of fluid lines.

Heat-Line was founded in 1988 by Lorne Heise. An inventor, entrepreneur and licensed electrician, prior to forming Heat-Line, Lorne owned and operated a successful electrical contracting company in the Haliburton Highlands. It was during this time while working as an electrician in Haliburton, that Lorne became aware of a problem that plagued many cottage owners. They needed an effective and economical way to keep their cottage's water pipes and water systems from freezing in sub zero temperatures so that they could use their recreational properties throughout the year, even during the coldest temperatures of winter. As is often the case, necessity is the mother of invention and Heat-Line low voltage self regulating heat cable systems were developed to fill the need.

Finding a safe, reliable and economical solution for preventing damage to vulnerable waterlines, pipes, sewage systems, water systems, roof vents, pumps, tankers and machinery when subjected to freezing temperatures is what Heat-Line Corporation does. Each of their many ground-breaking freeze protection products have been developed and perfected to perform beyond expectations, addressing freeze protection problems that can occur in a wide variety of applications. By example; CARAPACE, an energy-efficient water pipe, was developed by Heat-Line to be used in applications where excavation or blasting to bury pipes for protection was impossible or cost prohibitive. Employing conductive polymer self-regulating technology, CARAPACE freeze-protected water pipe systems provide superior thermal heat transfer and remarkable energy efficiency when combined with thermal insulation and thermostatic controls. This highly advanced freeze protection system effectively eliminates the need to blast or dig deep trenches below the frost line to ensure that water lines are protected from subzero temperatures. It is the only product recommended by Heat-Line for constant pressure water supply systems. CARAPACE is especially suited for sub-polar and circumpolar regions where it has been found to work reliably in even the coldest conditions.

Offering a solution for farmers and ranchers who use livestock water systems in regions where freezing temperatures occur, Rizer-Line is an ingenuous new product by Heat-Line that protects water from freezing at the frost line from the inside of risers. Applicable for use in many types of livestock watering systems, this new freeze protection product keeps the water flowing even in the harshest winter conditions to livestock drinking bowls, watering troughs, cattle fountains and automatic water systems.

Retro-Line is a Heat-Line freeze protection innovation that has proven itself over and over again as a quick and effective solution for keeping at risk waterlines from freezing. Retro-Line is an internal heat tracing system designed to provide freeze protection for existing polyethylene water supply lines (CSA 75 PSI or CSA 100 PSI) without their removal and without excavation below the frost line. Retro-Line is easy to install and can be used in lake, river, dig or drilled well applications, making it ideal for use in rural homes, farms, cottages and resort properties; virtually anyplace where freezing temperatures present a problem for waterlines.

For our customer's convenience, especially those in remote locations, Heat-Line sells KIT and SKID complete pump packages that include everything necessary to get the job done right. We supply only the highest quality, certified pipe fittings, materials and equipment. Water systems, pumps and pressure systems are always changing, and at Heat-Line, we keep on top of all the latest technologies. With years in the water system industry, we know how important it is to have pumps and pressure systems designed by professionals and installed by licensed tradespersons.

Want to turn a seasonal vacation home into a year-round residence? We have the reliable energy efficient products to do just that. At Heat-line, we believe there is a solution to every freeze protection problem. Heat-Line and Retro-Line systems were designed to keep low pressure waterlines from the lake, river or well from freezing. EXT5R and Paladin are systems that can externally protect exposed drain lines, sewer lines and copper pipes. Designed to work with off-the-grid power centres, Kompensator systems high quality heating cables prevent water supply pipes from freezing. To prevent ice dams from forming on cottage or rural home roofs, EDGE-CUTTER and Paladin can be installed on the roofline, in the valleys and eves to prevent damage snow excessive snow buildup.

At Heat-Line, we are continually working on new products and custom freeze protection solutions for our clients. We design, manufacture and sell our freeze protection products, and custom freeze protection systems in Canada, the United States and throughout the world. We stand behind everything we sell and ensure that our products are of the highest quality

Heat-Line is a division of Christopher MacLean Limited.

Heat-Line, Retro-Line, Paladin, EDGE-CUTTER, CARAPACE and ArcticVent are registered trademarks of Heat-Line Corporation.

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