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Below are several downloadable documents about ArcticVent:

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Product Information
ArcticVent is the only cCSAus approved solution to freeze protect plumbing vent stacks. Prolonged cold temperatures cause plumbing stacks to ice up and form a blockage as warm moist air rises, condenses and freezes. ArcticVent eliminates this ice blockage where it exits the roof of a building. ArcticVent is constructed with LEXAN® for high strength in severe cold. ArcticVent can be used in new installations or to retro-fit existing non-protected (standard) 3 inch to 6 inch plumbing vent stacks.


Product Application
ArcticVent is designed for new or existing installations where a freeze protected plumbing vent stack is required. They are installed where ventilation ice blockages occur due to rising condensation in prolonged freezing temperatures. This remarkable, energy-efficient product uses a meager 75 watts of power to keep vents open in temperatures below -50 degrees F. ArcticVent can be used under continuous power for freeze maintenance or powered when required to thaw a frozen plumbing stack.

Plumbing Specifications
  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA)
  • 3 inch slip-fit coupling (Transition cement included)
  • 3 inch (internal diameter) heated LEXAN® pipe
  • 5 inch outside diameter
  • Suitable for all types of roofs (roof flashing not included)
  • Available in hydronic
Electrical Specifications
  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA)
  • 120 volt or 240 volt, 75watts at 50° F
  • Self-regulating heating cable technology
  • Available with 27 milliamp ground fault equipment protection.
  • Available with SJOW 14/3 cold leads for connection to GFI protected circuits.
  • Up to 6 units per 15 amp circuit
Benefits of ArcticVent
  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA)
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Most reliable and energy efficient system on the market
  • No need to oversize stack diameters in Arctic climates
  • ArcticVent can be adapted to existing PVC, ABS or other vent pipes
  • High strength in severe cold
  • Easily and quickly installed.
  • Longitudinal tether to prevent falling ice within stack
  • Meets plumbing, electrical and mechanical cCSAus requirements
  • No other product combines these features or offers the reliability of ArcticVent
Included in an ArcticVent system
  • LEXAN® construction
  • 3 inch LEXAN® slip coupling
  • Transition adhesive supplied
  • 27 milliamp GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) electrical plug in device
  • Cord set model available (must be GFCI protected)
  • Hydronic model available


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I bought a 100 ft. Retro-Line in 2009, so I could get water to my cottage on the lake in the State of Maine. It was so easy to install, and I also purchased a Thermostat.
Jeff - Maine

Speedy delivery. Incredible customer service. Infinitely customizable in sizes and lengths with our without pipe.
Mitchell - Huntsville, Ontario