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Below are several downloadable documents about Heat-Line:

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Product Information
Heat-Line is a job-ready freeze-protection kit used for new installations, where pipe and freeze protection of domestic water supply is required. Heat-Line is manufactured complete with the self-regulating heating cable factory installed in a 1" or 1 ¼", 75 PSI, CSA approved polyethylene pipe with the necessary plumbing fittings supplied. A 27 milliamp ground fault circuit interrupter is integral within the electrical cord-set. Heat-Line can be used in many applications including, cottages, homes, resorts and farms where burying below the frost line is not an option. Insulation and an optional thermostat can be used to optimize energy efficiency. If poly pipe is not required see Retro-Line.


Product Application
Heat-Line is used to freeze-protect water supply pipes from a lake, river, drilled or dug well where burying below the frost line is not an option. In a lake application, the internal heating cable should terminate in the lake at a minimum depth of 6' at LOW water mark. This is to be certain the pipe will be freeze protected below ice level to maintain free-flowing water within the pipes entire length. In areas where the recommended depth cannot be reached, a shore well may be considered - check with local ministries and authorities.

In applications where pipes will be exposed to atmospheric (free) air, closed-cell or other approved weatherproof insulation is required. Insulation will help to maintain energy efficiency and cold temperature reliability. Insulation is recommended for use in all new applications; however any pipe subjected to outside air must be completely insulated to retain the heat within the pipe. In extremely harsh conditions or in high pressure installations such as municipal water service tubing or constant pressure systems, CARAPACE is highly recommended.


  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA)
  • 120 Volt systems - 3watt /ft. at 50°F maximum length of 250 ft.
  • 240 Volt systems - 3watt/ft. at 50°F maximum length 300 ft.
  • 27 milliamp ground fault circuit interrupter plug-in device
  • 1" or 1 ¼" 75 PSI CSA approved polyethylene pipe
Benefits of Heat-Line
  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA)
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Most reliable and energy efficient system on the market
  • Easily and quickly installed
  • Can be used with any type of control device including timers and thermostats
  • Can be buried and/or fully insulated to increase energy efficiency
  • No need to excavate below the frost line, thus saving costs on installation.
  • Will never melt or burnout water pipes, even if the pipe is dry.
  • Philmac® compression fittings ensure pressure connections are simple, secure and leak proof.
  • Manufactured with CSA approved 75 PSI pipe in 1" or 1 ¼" internal diameter
  • Available in lengths from 10' to 300'.
  • Ground fault protection integral to the system.
  • Simply plugs into a 120V or 240V receptacle. No extra electrical work is required
  • No other product combines these features and offers the reliability of Heat-Line
Included in a Heat-Line system
  • Specified length of self-regulating heating cable
  • Specified length of 1" or 1 ¼" 75 PSI CSA approved pipe
  • Philmac® compression fitting to interface the Heat-Line to your water system
  • 27 milliamp GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) electrical plug in device


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We draw our water from the lake year round without a well and the expense of drilling a well in this area is astronomically high, therefore Heat-Line allows us affordable water from the lake year round.
David - Lakehurst, Ontario

Your products keep water flowing in areas jeopardized by cold weather here in southern Maine.
Jim - Biddeford, Maine