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Below are several downloadable documents about Kompensator:

brochure spec sheet spec sheet
brochure spec sheet  

Product Information
Kompensator systems are low voltage, self-regulating, heating cables custom made to suit various application requirements. Kompensator systems are designed for a variety of applications such as off-grid, transportation and mining industries as they are compatible with various electrical systems. Insulation and an optional thermostat can be added to the systems to optimize energy efficiency.


Product Application
Kompensator systems are 12 volt and 24 volt heating cables which can be installed for off-grid (solar and wind) freeze-protection applications for water supply pipes and other metallic and non-metallic pipes. Kompensator is ideal for other applications such as small diameter hoses, appliance and comfort heating, condensate freeze protection, oil lines, hydraulic hoses, pumps and compressed air systems. When used in the transportation industry, Kompensator systems are capable of maintaining hydraulic oil viscosities in cold temperatures, minimizing stress while maximizing winter performance.

  • 12 volt and 24 volt
  • 12 Volt systems - 3watt /ft. at 50°F maximum length of 50ft.
  • 24 Volt systems - 3watt/ft. at 50°F maximum length 100ft.
  • Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) jacketed or braided
  • Designed to specification
Benefits of Kompensator
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • No need for power inverters
  • Compatible with DC voltages
  • Compatible with various methods of power generation
  • Continuous ground path
  • Over jacket for use in wet location when properly fitted
  • Can be buried and or fully insulated to increase energy efficiency
  • Factory finished to length capability
  • High quality field termination capabilities and kits
  • Will not melt or burnout pipes
  • Unlimited control options
Included with a Kompensator system
Kompensator heating cables are available by the foot. Heat-Line provides custom building to fit various product specifications and needs. Regular and small geometry sizes are available in base strip, over-braid, or fully TPR jacketed.


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The Kompensator is a perfect fit for our application and reasonably priced. I highly recommend your company and its product to anyone who is having trouble with freezing lines.
Norm - Cochrane, Alberta

The Kompensator was very easy to install, and we had zero problems of valve freeze ups on our trucks this winter.
Rob - Clarence, Pennsylvania