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Below are several downloadable documents about Paladin for Pipe:

brochure paladin installation

Product Information
Paladin is an external heating cable that can be used for reliable pipe freeze protection on the outside of the pipe. Paladin employs the unique performance of self-regulating heating cable technology. Paladin can be used in a variety of applications including, cottages, homes, resorts and farms for many different sizes and types of pipes. Insulation and a thermostat can be added to the system to further optimize energy efficiency.


Product Application
paladin Paladin is an external heat tracing system designed to provide reliable freeze protection of metallic and non-metallic pipes. Examples include; sewage pipes, forced mains and pressurized systems. As Paladin is wet location approved, it may also be used inside non-pressurized pipes such as drainage tiles and gutters. Traditional style heat tapes must be pitched or spiraled around the pipes in order to apply adequate amounts of heat to un-insulated pipes making them very high in energy consumption. With Paladin, the heating cable is simply applied on to the pipe in a single run; reducing overall length of product by as much as 60 percent. When combined with thermal insulation, the amount of heat required is reduced; thereby generating greater energy savings.


  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA)
  • 120 Volt systems - 5watt /ft. at 50°F maximum length of 120 ft.
  • 240 Volt systems - 5watt/ft. at 50°F maximum length 240 ft.
  • 27 milliamp ground fault circuit interrupter plug-in device
  • For longer lengths see EXT5R Series
Benefits of Paladin
  • cCSAus approved (Canada and USA)
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Most reliable and energy efficient system on the market
  • Can be fully insulated to increase energy efficiency
  • Approved for direct earth burial
  • Can be used with any type of control device including timers and thermostats
  • Can be installed on all metallic and non-metallic pipes
  • Provides reliable freeze protection of all pipe diameters depending on installation of heater
  • Easily and quickly installed on most pipes without their removal
  • Will never melt or burnout the water pipe, even if the pipe is dry.
  • Available in lengths from 10' to 240' (for longer systems see EXT5R series)
  • Ground fault protection is integral to the system.
  • Simply plugs into a 120V or 240V receptacle. No extra electrical work is required.
  • No other product combines these features and offers the flexibility of Paladin
Included in a Paladin system
  • Factory finished, self-regulating heating cable set
  • 27 milliamp GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) electrical plug in device
  • ½" polyethylene cable guards
  • 8" cable ties


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Not only have we been more successful landing contracts when we use Heat-Line's products, their customized and complete kits allowed us to increase our production efficiencies.
Chris - Headingley, Manitoba

Nothing else that exists other than the Paladin system could have possibly solved our problem without a minimum of $100,000.00 (quoted) rebuilding project.
Allen - Boulder, Colorado